Choose your Words Carefully When you Speak to Others! Be Kind!

Dear friends,

I would like to quickly remind you all that your tongue has the power of life and death. You can sin with your words. Your words can have a lasting impact on another human being. You can build someone up or you can break someone down with the words that come out of your mouth. You can literally save or ruin someone’s life. Your words have consequences. God hears you! Other people hear you! Your words are revealing your heart.

So…. what’s in your heart? Do you love others? How do you speak to people? Do you encourage them? Do you bless them? Do you sweeten their day? Do you correct them gently if they offend you? How do you speak to people, whether it be strangers or family? Please control what you allow the world to ingest from you. Please spread love, kindness, encouragement, positivity, and light. Train your mouth to gush things of goodness.

That’s all I wish to remind you today, friends.

Why is this on my mind?

I have seen that some people think it is okay to tell someone who does not speak perfect English in the United States to “go back to your own country.” I do not agree with this. Someone is not wrongfully in the United States just because they do not utter every English word perfectly. It is foolish to think so. Furthermore, learning another language is a lot of work. The fact that someone can communicate well enough to work and survive here if they are not originally an English tongue… is a lot more to commend rather than repulse. Moreover, I feel that in the United States, the melting pot of the world, people should not be crushing or ridiculing anyone in this way. Even if they are not born here, why do you care? And what makes you so entitled as to decide where they belong or tell them where to go? They probably work harder than you do. They probably bless your community more than even you do.

My best friend’s mother is Korean and she does not speak perfect English. She moved from South Korea and taught herself English as an adult. It is known that sometimes people have mocked or insulted her, whether they did it in front of her or behind her back. She does not deserve this. She is a brilliant and commendable woman.

Do not try to hurt, ridicule, or ostracize people just because you decide you do not like something about them. Do not walk around with a haughty attitude. Let us all love and encourage each other. Let us be warm toward each other, regardless of race, speech, sex, age, appearance, and all of these things that are of our world. Jesus told us to love one another!

6 thoughts on “Choose your Words Carefully When you Speak to Others! Be Kind!”

  1. This is a beautiful reminder to all of us, Eva! ❤ I can not even imagine bullying someone living here whose first language isn't English 😦 For one, I know how hard of a language we speak, even to me (it's the only language I know!). While it can be difficult to understand people who are working on their English, I don't get angry about it – I'm honestly impressed and inspired by their dedication to want to speak our language. They deserve only grace ❤ Thank you for writing this post!


    1. I can’t imagine doing that either! It breaks my heart to think about kind people being ridiculed over something so trivial. I feel that someone like that deserves commendation and grace for their dedication like you say.
      Thank you for reading

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  2. What a powerfully persuasive and convicting message. I was born and raised in the US, have an English degree, and I still do not speak “Perfect” English. That is such an immature and insensitive thing for anyone to say. May the Lord bless you.
    I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. May the bless you just to know and your blog are thought of. God loves you!

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    1. I can’t say that I do either! I agree, and it sure does break my heart to hear it. God bless you too. Thank you for this so very lovely and generous nomination. I would love to do this when I have time tonight! Take care Gail

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