Accepting this Emotional Existence

Some blessings are morphing and flowing… ever so constantly and quietly before us. I have hated my emotions for almost all of my life. I have always tried to repress and conceal them. In a children’s book today, I read that “eyes are for seeing and they are for crying too.” It made me ponder. We are watching and seeing this life clearly and vividly, but we are experiencing it in every possible emotional way too. We are free to see, cry, laugh, scream, and imagine. This is all a perfect response to this incredibly complex existence that we find ourselves in today. I do not want to shame myself anymore for how I feel. I always preach this, but I do not truly live this. It is beautiful to live emotionally tumbling through the unexpected and unknown. I want to embrace this. I do not want to fight or resent this. God must have given us these emotional capabilities for a reason.


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